Handmade Matters


Happy Wednesday to you.

Of course I’m gonna say that handmade matters!  I love handmade things and I love being in the business of handmade gifts.

As my 6 kids were growing up they would always bring home handmade art from school and Sunday School.  We had handmade art all over the fridge and the walls.  Guess you could say that they wallpapered the house…..and with such beautiful wallpaper I might add.

Our Christmas Tree Ornaments were mostly handmade as well.  I think I had the most beautiful tree in the neighborhood, but then again I’m prejudice when it comes to my children and their art.

I enjoy making things with my hands.  It’s therapeutic and peaceful for me.  I love taking raw materials and creating something useful that others need or want.  I feel like everything I make, from memory quilts to crochet gifts to food gifts, I put my heart and soul  into it.  I share my love in the products that I make whether I’m creating them to give as my own personal gifts or for others to give as their personal gifts.  A little piece of me is in everything I create and make.  There’s just something about a gift that someone has put their heart into making and then chooses to give to you.

When you give gifts that are handmade, you are giving a gift that is sentimental. Whether you make the gift or purchase the gift from an artisan who has put their time into the creation of the gift.

Handmade gifts are unique one of a kind treasures.  I’d like to share Why Handmade Matters with you.  I couldn’t have said it better myself.  Then the next time you’re in need of a gift, think Handmade and check out Hand Makn It.  You just might find what you need.  And if not, we do customize.

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Here’s one of our latest new releases.  Crochet Elephant Pillowil_570xN.1093399708_8keg

Take care til next time…..Corbie Lyn


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